Our PTA is made up of hard-working parents & teachers who pool their talents to provide practical support for our school. Those listed below volunteered to provide leadership this year. Get to know their names and feel free to ask them if you have questions. Interested in open positions? Contact us!


Elected Executive Officers

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President Katie Ngo


VP of Membership : Brinda Robin


VP of Programs : Sally Dewhirst


VP of Fundraising :  Pranjal Mehta


Secretary : Vicki Walker


Treasurer : Santhosh Balraj


Parliamentarian :  Vidhya Vasudevan


Key Volunteer Positions

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Art in the Classroom : Jenny Murkes


Art in the Classroom : Johanna Westland


Carnival : Leslie Palmer


Carnival : Shelley Moon


Clothes Closet : Christine Lanier


Clubs : Sally Dewhirst


Communications : Justine Tan


Council Delegate : 


Directory, Online : 


Discover Engineering Week : Dustin Goss


Environmental : Michelle Gordon


Family Picnic :  Justine Tan


Field Day : Ashley Dougherty


Healthy Lifestyles : Mark Tater


Lead Classroom Parent (Grade Level Coordinator) : Barbie Burgett


       GLC - Kindergarten : Joanna Silver


       GLC - 1st Grade : Corinna Chubick


       GLC - 2nd Grade : Joy Nathan


       GLC - 3rd Grade : Johanna Westland


       GLC - 4th Grade : Jennifer Vu


       GLC - 5th Grade : Michelle Gordon


Legislative : Suchi Gururaj


Marketing : Padma Kolluru


Marquee : Teresa Edison


Parent and Student Education : Mary Ann Zeitz


Pride Night (Spring Fundraiser) : Brinda Robin


Red Ribbon Week : Tima Brown


Reflections : Bettina John


Safety : Debbie Bretsch 


Science Fair : Arun Ramanathan, Manish Mehta, Nick Hahn, Robin Marian, Vidhya Vasudevan


School Supplies : Angela Davis


School Supplies : Heather Gawiser Tarman


Site Based Rep : 


Spirit Gear : Tiffany Ashcraft


Sponsorships : Sam Khadem


Teacher Appreciation : Johanna Westland


Volunteer Coordinator : 


Website : Crystal McLane


Welcoming : 


Yearbook :  Allison Tater 


Yearbook : Barbie Burgett


Holiday Cookie Exchange : Tiffany Ashcraft


Welcoming, Kindergarten : Elizabeth Vaughn


Welcoming, Kindergarten Picnic : Elizabeth Vaughn


Upcoming Events




We are so thankful to our sponsors for their generosity!